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New Partnership with Cobb Cycling

We are pleased to announce our newest partner, Cobb Cycling. If you are not familiar with this innovative company and their products, you will be! They are generously donating a $50 gift card to put towards any saddle to each RBM Sprint Team Cup Challenge winner at the Wiki Wiki Man Tri this season. Thank you Cobb Cycling!

Cobb Cycling designs saddles to increase the comfort and performance for bicycle riders of all levels. They also design innovative products such as different level cranks and technical performance clothing.

Their saddles can help riders who are experiencing saddle discomfort, saddles sores, muscle or soft tissue issues. Inefficient fit dynamics relating to saddle issues can greatly reduce the cycling experience and performance, and riders will benefit greatly from Cobb Cycling innovative technologies. Whether you ride on the road or off-road, or on a triathlon bike or commuter bike, Cobb Cycling can help make your ride more comfortable no matter where or what you ride.

John Cobb is a pioneer & innovator in the bike industry since 1972 and is considered part of a handful of legendary figures that helped shape the bike industry. John is often referred to as “Mr. Wind tunnel” and has been a proven pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics to help position riders better in order to gain speed and comfort.

Heather wins the silver medal at the 2015 70.3 World Championship on a Cobb Cycling SHC Saddle.

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