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SLS3 is offering their new Dual Pocket Run Belt to anyone interested in writing a Review!

As part of SLS3's Amazon product relaunch they are giving away their Dual Pocket Run Belts for only $6.90

(regular price $29.90) with FREE shipping to the first 50 people. Why are they giving them away for $6.90? Super Simple, they want real people and everyday runners to give their feedback on the product. So if you want to share your thoughts on this cool new belt, take advantage of this super cheap deal. Just use the code below when ordering. 9GESCB7A

By using the code above runners agree to leave a review within 20 days of receiving the product. This promotion is limited to 50 belts so ORDER NOW before they sell out at this super low price of $6.90.

Product Specs:

  • 2 POCKETS: carry your iPhone 6+, Samsung Galaxy or other large Smartphone; plus other essentials like keys, ID card, bank cards, energy bars and inhaler. Perfect when running or the gym.

  • COMFORTABLE AND BOUNCE-FREE RUNNING BELT: fits snugly enough to always stay comfortably in place, no matter how hard your workout gets, this exercise belt is guaranteed not to bounce or ride up your waist.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE WAIST PACK: features an elastic belt that's fitted with an adjusting buckle. The waist pack expandable storage belt is a one-size-fits-most for any waist size 22" through 40". Ideal for running, jogging, hiking, and workouts.

  • COMPACT, LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: the running belt design, with 1.5" wide elastic belt and expandable pocket, is minimalistic for increased comfort during exercises. You will certainly not be burdened with excess bulk that disturbs your workout. ORDER NOW.

  • WATER RESISTANT EXERCISE BELT: made with polyester with special stretch mesh gusseted pocket. In addition, the running belt has a waterproof zipper for extra all-weather protection and safety for your valuables and essentials.

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