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Big Earth Racing is an environmentally friendly race company. We produce open-water triathlons in the state of Texas. As we strive to produce memorable and fun racing events, we make every effort to reduce our company's carbon footprint and environmental impact by utilizing sustainable products and practices whenever possible.



Our passion for the environment is matched only by our passion to help animals in need. Therefore, we are very proud to partner with Animal Allies of Texas a local non-profit animal advocacy / rescue organization, dedicated to improving the quality of animal's lives in our community. Animal Allies' goal is to build a no-kill shelter on enough land to house not only adoptable animals, but treatable ones as well – those who need medical care or behavior modification to become adoptable. 

Wiki Wiki Man profits also benefit our beloved Firefighters with the local Emory Volunteer Fire Department. Each season these wonderful men and women come out to Lake Tawakoni State Park to help us create a safe and fun event. You will find them on the bike course, and run course, helping to manage race traffic, as well as preparing your post-race burgers at the food tent. We are very grateful for their time and energy, and feel honored to help raise much needed funds for them every year.


Big Earth Racing is committed to increasing our sustainability efforts with each event. As our race and resources continue to grow, so will our ability to incorporate more eco-friendly products and practices into our race season. Listed below are the practices we currently incorporate into our race season.

1. We only use 100% biodegradable cups, plates, cutlery, and trash bags from
Green Paper Products. These corn and sugarcane based disposables (also known as bioplastics) offer multiple advantages for the environment.


2. We NEVER use plastic racer bags. Our SWAG BAGS that we hand out to racers each season are always reusable bags that vary in material and style.

3. We always work hard to use less paper. Instead of printing out hundreds of racers packets each season, we offer a digital race packet online, and we always encourage online registration. When printed material is needed, we make every effort to use 100% recycled paper.

4. And moving forward, we are very excited to announce that Big Earth Racing will be powered by 100% solar energy each race season thanks to GOAL ZERO YETI 3000X PORTABLE POWER STATION.

We are dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for our planet through conservation, recycling, and education. Planet earth is our playground, and Big Earth Racing is dedicated to doing our part to protect and preserve it as much as possible.

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Kindness Matters

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