$100 RETUL Bike Fit? Yup!

Retul Bike Fit — $100

Playtri has specialized in bike fits of age group athletes for over ten years. Now that experience has combined with the latest 3D motion sensor technology from Retul. Retul records a rider's position as they pedal on the bike in order to capture the full range of bio-mechanical movement. Rather than adjust a fit with static positions, Retul allows Playtri's expert bike fitters to see how you and the bike work together as a system. This complete picture of both athlete and machine makes for a bike fit that is optimal for performance, efficiency, injury prevention and comfort.

  • Biomechanical analysis

  • Cycling-specific flexibility/functional strength assessment

  • Dynamic data capture of 3D full body movements to determine optimal position

  • Real-time recording of power output and physiologic response to help determine optimal position

  • Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters, 3D bicycle fit coordinates, and bike frame geometry

Contact coach@playtri.com for more information or to schedule a bike fitting in Dallas, justin@playtri.com to schedule a bike fitting in McKinney, aaron@playtri.com to schedule a bike fitting in Colleyville.

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