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Congrats to DFW's own Logan Sherman Winner of the 2015 Dallas Marathon!

Logan Sherman of Dallas, who won the Dallas Half Marathon last year, finished first this year in the 45th Dallas Marathon with a time of 2:27:28 - an average of 5:38 per mile.

In his dreams, Logan Sherman saw himself running toward the finish of the Dallas Marathon, all alone, with the cheers of the crowd lining the streets in his ears and victory just ahead. Turns out it was no dream.

Sunday morning, the former Richardson Pearce star and local running hero ran triumphantly down Young Street, waving his arms to pump up the spectators before blasting across the finish to win the Dallas Marathon for the first time. No victory has ever meant more to him.

Read a complete article by ANDY FRIEDLANDER here.

And Congratulations to JAMIE VEST, the women’s 2015 Dallas Marathon champion, finished with a time of 2:58:31.

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