::: ELECTRIC MOBILE CARS joins the SFC Green Scene Expo.

Electric Mobile Cars, INC. (EMC) is an American based corporation, which has developed a revolutionary and environmentally sound family of highway rated electric vehicles. We are THRILLED to announce EMC will showcase one of their EVs at the SFC Green Scene Expo. These vehicles maintain the same power and ability of most gas-powered engines with ZERO tailpipe emissions and virtually no noise pollution, while delivering a certified range of up to 200 miles per charge.

Only a select few have heard the name EMC, but donít let that fool you. Their technology has been tested extensively for the past 10 years, creating the most stable and highest performing battery management system in the automotive industry.

The idea of EMC began in 2001 and was formed approximately 2 years ago with the goal of creating one hundred percent electric vehicles. After four years of intensive work and with the help of highly specialized engineers and technicians from the US and EU/Romania, the company boasts a family of vehicles including a 7 passenger station wagon as well as a quarter ton pick-up truck and a mini cargo van. All of these vehicles are on the same uni-body platform and have front wheel drive. Most importantly, they all have a 100% electric powered train.

EMC has taken the challenge of creating a full size vehicle that is fully electric and safe for the environment emitting ZERO emissions into the atmosphere. They can also boast that they have one of the longest range of battery life in the market today. EMC vehicles are designed to work hard in any environment. These vehicles were built to handle the toughest loads, haul construction equipment and materials, or take the whole family on vacation.

The proprietary EVBX-1 Powertrain and Patented Battery Management System are modern marvels in a field that is growing by leaps and bounds. Their mission is to stay a leading power in the EV Industry and bring new and exciting products to market consistently.

One of EMCís Electric Vehicles will be on display at the Spring Fall Classic event this April, with the opportunity to take a peak under the hood. We hope you come out to cheer on your favorite racer, and in the process see the latest technology in battery management and the latest design in EV evolution.

For more information on EMCís line of Electric Vehicles, visit EMC online.